My passion has been nutrition and wellness for over 20 years!   My mission and passion is helping people make healthy lifestyle changes, sharing what I learn for both people and our pets and helping others build their own home based business.

How do I help empower you to make better decision?  By sharing what I’ve learned in both nutrition for humans and pets.  In order to better help your pets, I invested in my future and became a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist.  I’m here to inform, empower and inspire you to a healthier life so that you and your pets can live longer and healthier together.  I have many tools in my toolbox of safe, holistic and natural pet and people care.

Have you wanted to make changes for too long and are now ready to make those changes?​

I’m here to help you keep your family healthy and that includes you and your pets.

Do you want…

  • To make the shift to a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to start?
  • To make healthier food choices for both you, your family and your pets?
  • To help your pets live longer, healthier lives?

My mission and purpose is to provide strategies and solutions that will help your family, including your pets, live healthier so you can spend more time together.

Are you ready to make changes for your entire family.

Are you ready to make a change?

Making the decision is the first step.


I have to share this information with all of you who love your dog’s or cat’s. I have been battling for years with my Bichon Frise, JJ with allergies and skin conditions, itchiness and sores! Not to mention all the money I have spent all these years going to the vet, only to put a band-Aid on the problem with more antibiotics and steroids. Not wanting to do steroids anymore I started researching and came across Donna Vincent. Donna is health and wellness certified pet food nutritional specialist, who works with a holistic veterinarian, who has developed a holistic food for dogs and cats. If you saw and heard what is in the store bought or pet stores dog food you would not give it to your dogs….trust me on this, it made me angry!!! 😁😁. Ask Donna she can share with you a video that she shared with me, but be prepared to get upset!!! 😭😱😤. I am so grateful for all Donna’s help, she analyzed my old grain free pet food and told me it wasn’t the worst food out there…BUT! After following her advise on which pet food to get for my JJ, I’m one happy mama for my little guy! If you love your furry babies as much as I know you do! You will contact Donna Vincent for the best dog and cat food you will ever get for your furry babies!!! AND since it is healthier you will enjoy your furry babies longer!!!

Jackie A.

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