Hello, my name is Donna….  here’s my story!

I’m Donna and I’m a pet parent to  two rescue dogs, a blogger, an entrepreneur and a healthy living advocate.

I love yoga, working out, social media marketing, creating in Canva, learning and reading.  I’ve been clean eating for over 20 years, have dug into the pet industry the last 3+ years and believe in natural solutions such as essential oils and whole foods!!  I started researching the pet industry after my dogs got sick on recalled food.

I’ve always loved research and studying nutrition and believe nutrition and health go hand in hand.  I believe in teaching people how to eat real food.  There are programs out there that have you buy their foods.  This does not teach how to eat properly and these foods are still processed and generally loaded with ingredients you want to avoid.

You can eat food that taste good in much better ways than processed foods that can cause you inflammation and other problems.

You don’t need to count calories if you are eating quality foods, that taste good and that don’t have to cost you a fortune.   You don’t have to eat yucky food to eat healthy.. you can eat fun food.

I am here to be your guide in creating a healthier lifestyle for you, your family and your pets — holistically and naturally.

My two dogs, Dusty and Morgan sit by my side while I’m building my business from home.  Their favorite time is our lunch time walk break!!!   We rescued both, Dusty and Morgan, and they have been best friends from day one!  

I was introduced to network marketing back in 2012 after my husband and I decided to pick up and move to a new state.  That meant that I had to leave my I.T. job.  My husband had taken a transfer with his company.  When we first moved, I started looking for a new corporate job after we got settled.  Well…  that didn’t work out how I expected.

You see.. I had over 20 years in I.T. and thought that all of my experience would make it easy for me to find another job.  Not when it’s 2012 and we are still in a recession!!  That’s when I decided I need to look into something different and that’s how I found network marketing!   It’s changed my life and never want to go back to working for someone else again.

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