This nutrition consultation option consists of dietary recommendations that are individually customized for dogs and cats of all life stages.  I do have a company that I work with and trust but if their options do not work for your pets, I research and make the best recommendation for your pets.  Your information will be delivered via email.  If you do not have an email account, a hardcopy will be sent via mail.

I am a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist.  I started researching and studying the pet industry over three years ago after my dogs got sick on recalled food.   Now I help other pet parents understand what to look for in pet products.

 I know the secrets that the pet manufacturers don’t want you to know about so I can make the very best recommendation for your pets.

So let’s get work together to get your pets the very best nutrition possible so that they can live healthier, live longer and live happier with you!!


What Is Included:

  • Diet Suggestions based on commercial dry or canned foods for your dogs or cats
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations depending on your pets need.


Available Options:


Basic Feeding Plan only, $37.00
For dogs without special needs and experienced owners, booking
this consultation without email follow-up is usually fine.


Basic Feeding Plan with 2 weeks of Follow Up, $67.00
This is a good option for those pets with special issues or for those pet owners who want additional support during the transition period.  I recommend this option so I can help you settle into the new routine comfortably and we can troubleshoot any issues that might come up.

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