You take your dog to the veterinarian for an infection and are given Animax Ointment.  Animax Ointment is given as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial,  anti-inflammatory, antipruritic.

A few days later, you realize that your dog is totally deaf.   I also found another ointment with similar ingredients called Panalog.

This has happened and is just one of the awful side effects of Animax.  Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this ointment.  This ointment can also cause vestibular dysfunction, Cushing’s syndrome, damage of the cochlea.

You give your pet Animax Ointment and a few days later, you realize that your dog is totally deaf. @dmbvincent Click To Tweet

The main ingredients of Animax Ointment:


Animax OintmentNystatin –  This is an anti-fungal, used for Candida Albicans (overgrowth of yeast) and is used for people too.

You want to avoid using Nystatin if you, or your pet, has:

  • Kidney disease, such as kidney failure (renal failure)
  • Any other allergies, including allergies to food, dyes, or preservatives.

Neomycin Sulfate – Neuorotoxicity has been reported (including ototoxicity.  There are so many warnings on this.  It’s scary.  Some include vestibular toxicity, cochlear damage, neuromuscular blockage and respiratory paralysis.

Neurotoxicity occurs when the exposure to natural or artificial toxic substances, which are called neurotoxins, alters the normal activity of the nervous system in such a way as to cause damage to nervous tissue.

Ototoxicity – Damage to the ear, specifically the cochlea and sometimes the vestibular system, by a toxin.

Thiostrepton – is an anti-bacterial and has a high order of activity against gram-positive organisms. This ingredient is very difficult to find much information on.  It is notable that ointments for human usage contain neomycin, nystatin, and topical steroids, but no Thiostrepton.  Thiostrepton is used in veterinary medicine but it appears not human medicine.

Triamcinolone Acetonide – is included for its potent synthetic corticosteroid providing rapid and prolonged symptomatic relief on topical administration.  This ingredient can cause burning, redness, itching, irritation, peeling, dryness of skin.

The warnings and precautions on Animax Ointment are so long on this drug.  Far too many to include in this blog.  If you are using this ointment or any other prescribed medication and have information sheet, please review it.

If you have used this product, please share your experience in comments.

Sending prayers that my friend’s dog that has gone deaf from the Animax Ointment, regains his hearing or at least some of his hearing after stopping this ointment.

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