Are you taking antioxidant supplements or making your antioxidants and what is the difference?

Antioxidants work to protect our bodies from the damaging effects of free radicals. Our bodies make free radicals (unstable molecules that cause oxidative stress) during our normal metabolic functions or when we are exposed to stressors like air pollution, car exhaust, food, food additives, toxins, cigarette smoke, or sunlight.

When our bodies are overexposed to free radicals, we are at risk for premature aging and disease because free radicals destroy the cells and tissues that make up our bodies.

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What are free radicals?

Free radicals create a destructive process in our cells, causing the molecules within the cells to become unstable. They may even be a big player in the formation of cancerous cells by a “chain-reaction” effect, causing other cells to become damaged. Because of the inherent instability of free-radicals, they try to attack other healthy cells to get stable themselves.

This causes the once-healthy cells to react in the same way, attacking others in an never-ending attempt for cellular stability.  Prolonged exposure to free radicals actually fast-forwards the aging process. You can get antioxidants from different sources.  From taking supplements, from food sources or by making your own antioxidant enzymes.

Antioxidants are the counter-balance to the free radicals. Scientific studies indicate that there are between 130 sextillion to 300 sextillion (that’s 21 zeroes) free radicals produced by your body every day. It is a major reason why we are becoming sicker and dying younger.

The problem with taking antioxidants is that they eliminate free radicals on a 1 to 1 basis. You couldn’t possibly take enough antioxidants to eliminate 300 sextillion free radicals daily.

So what’s the solution?

When you take supplements, for example, vitamin E antioxidantIt’s one molecule of vitamin E against one free radical .   One antioxidant from a supplement removes one free radical.  It’s a one-to-one ratio.  Think about how much you would need to take!


If your body is making it’s own antioxidant enzymes, the ratio is a million to one.  Because of the way antioxidant enzymes work enzymatically, when your body is making its own Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase or Glutathione, these antioxidants can keep fighting and fighting those free radicals.  That’s why they are so much more effective.

Over supplementation and high dosages of antioxidant supplements may cause you more harm and cause cellular damage.

So how do you protect yourself and how is your body able to make it’s own antioxidants?

Instead of taking antioxidants, you want to activate your body so that it is making its own antioxidants.  You want to activate what is an NRF2 protein to make your own antioxidants.  Your body will start to activate a whole family of survival genes that help you to stay healthy, protect your cells and clean up free radicals.

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NRF2 stimulates your body’s response to cellular stress by cleaning up damaged cells, improving cell function, and activating a response that protects cells against future stress.

But how do you activate this NRF2 pathway?

There is currently only one product that is scientifically proven to activate this NRF2 pathway.  People taking this products are experiencing less pain, less stiffness, more energy, better sleep, and more!!

Another way to get antioxidants naturally is found in our foods.  You want to eat a rainbow of colors to give your body those beneficial phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables. Between consuming a healthy diet and making your own antioxidants, your body will be better ‘armed’ to take care of free radicals so your body will have less inflammation, you’ll slow the aging process and better equipped to fight those hundreds of diseases that start with inflammation.

Your least optimal way to get antioxidants into your body is through supplementation.

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