Work With Donna!

I’m super excited that you are open to learning more about working with me.

If you are new to the home-based industry/network marketing, that is not a problem.  I am here to help and you have an entire marketing team to help you.   We all work together.


A business model that works for my family and lifestyle.

Maybe it can work for YOU too!

Why Did I Choose Network Marketing?

I used to work in corporate America but that changed when my husband and I took a transfer for his job and I left my I.T. job.  That left us with about a 40% loss in our monthly income.  Not a very comfortable feeling.


Looking for another job in a down economy was not easy and I spent almost 8 months looking for another job. I was told that I was over qualified and that I had more technical skills than the person I’d be working for!

Where to go from there?  I’ve always wanted to do my own thing so that’s how I fell into network marketing.  It basically found me!  Now I’m working my business from home with my dogs by my side.

I fell in love with this profession and never want to return to the corporate world again.

I found a products that I love and that I’m super passionate about sharing the products and a team that is amazing!   The journey hasn’t always been easy, mistakes have been made that I’ve learned from and I’m becoming a better version of me.  Something no one tells you when you join network marketing is how you, yourself will change.

I’ve made a lot of friends, expanded my network, skill set and confidence.  Personal development has become a daily must for me to continue to improve and grow.  I’m ready to teach you what I’ve learned and continue to learn.

The journey may be a little bumpy, but it will be worth knowing that my husband and I can enjoy our retirement and knowing that I’ve helped others reach their goals for a better life.

It is worth the journey!!

What type of person am I looking for:

·         Someone who is coachable
·         Someone who is fun to work with
·         Someone who is a self-starter
·         Someone who is passionate about helping others
·         Someone who is ambitious

Please complete the form below and I will be in contact within two business days.  I look forward to seeing if this is a fit for you.


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